Hanzhi Wang classical accordion-bayan 个人简历


从18岁开始,她赢得了几乎所有顶级国际手风琴比赛的奖项,如德国Klingenthal国际手风琴比赛,Coupe Mondiale国际手风琴比赛,北京国际手风琴比赛等。近两年她分别在两个古典手风琴最顶级的赛事——西班牙Arrasate国际手风琴比赛(2013)赢得艺术家组第一名和意大利Castelfidardo国际手风琴比赛(2015)艺术家组赢得第一名。



在2016年,她即将出版她在丹麦录制的首张个人独奏专辑,所有曲目来自丹麦作曲家们为手风琴原创的作品。该CD名为“In the path of H.C.Andersen”,将引领听众进入梦幻的丹麦童话历险。
Hanzhi Wang (born 1990) is considered to be one of the shining stars amongst the young upcoming generation of classical accordionists. Despite her young age, she already has a remarkable career, and tours all over the world as soloist and chamber musician. In reviews she is described as "Masterfully", "Technically flawless" and "remarkable stage presence", which adds to her innovative musicianship.

She won the most important competitions for young accordionists by the age of 18, such as the Beijing International accordion competition in China and Klingenthal International accordion competition in Germany. Recently she won 2 of the absolutely most important accordion competitions for Professional players; The Arrasate International Accordion Competition in Spain (2013), and the Premio category of the International accordion competition in Castelfidardo (2015).

The success in the competitions has lead to concerts and tours in Germany, Denmark, China, Japan, Sweden, Italy, Serbia, Monternegro and Taiwan. For the upcoming season, she will play concerts in Belgium, Portugal, Denmark, Holland, Serbia and Montenegro, just to name a few. She has also made several TV- and radio appearances in many countries.

With her offensive and yet sensitive performances, Hanzhi Wang has also become very popular amongst contemporary composers. Several of them has dedicated their works to her, such as Martin Lohse (Dk) and James Black (UK).

In 2016 she will release her first solo-cd, with works by Danish composers. The CD is called "In the path of H.C. Andersen", and takes the listener in to the heritage of Danish adventures.
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